20 Champs You Need To Build WITS END on Now For Season 9 | Best Champs W/ Reworked Wits End


20 Champs You Need To Build WITS END on Now For Patch 9.7 Season 9

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  1. New wits end build allows twitch to take advantage of Gunblade and Bork double active slow plus his W for extreme kiting, also the lifesteal from gunblade and wits end plus a Bork, Hurricane, Shiv, Wits end, bloodthirst build

  2. Where is Trundle…….???? If you put Mundo and Renekton and not Trundle YOU ARE DUMB.

    Please tell me you forgot.

  3. Would Diana not fit the mold for it? esp in mid lane where she can rush it second item or first vs a normal mid laner.

  4. 1:52 Kayle
    2:32 Jax
    3:12 Tryndamere
    3:46 Neeko
    4:08 Mundo
    4:47 Gnar
    5:12 Irelia
    5:33 Renekton
    6:11 Kled
    6:28 Yasuo
    6:52 Shen
    7:30 Udyr
    7:45 Master Yi
    8:06 Kindred
    8:37 Warwick
    9:22 Vayne, Kog Maw, Varus, Twitch, Kalista


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