20 amazing LATE GAME champions you should be most afraid of in Season 9


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Let’s see who you should play or be most afraid of when they get to 6 items!
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20 amazing LATE GAME champions you should be most afraid of in Season 9

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  1. Where are Chogath, Nasus, Tryndamere, Ryze, Rhaast and Urgot? In terms of 1v1 and split push, those are monsters in the late game.

  2. pf no fiora but jax yes pFFF while fiora outscales him, ye lot worse in teamfights but as splitpusher she wins, rengar is also as kha, he will do all abilitys in his leap and enemy dies moment he touches you.

  3. I would argue that Bard is actually the Vayne of supports because it can burst you out of nowhere with just auto attacks and maybe a stun. But since he/it is kind of a situation pick I understand why it didn't made the list.

  4. Nobody ever remembers Viktor omfs he is my fav champ on lvl 180 his core gives you 180 ap throw in a deahcap and it's 300ap from 2 items without the 40% extra ap get a voidstaff and lichbane and gg 2 shots a full build garen he has insane area dmg and a stun that can stun the whole enemy team plus his ult does like 3 pulses that does a lot of base dmg + 80% of your AP and I mean at full build you have over 1000 ap so every pulse does like 1500 dmg and you have pen to counter MR

  5. Ekko , oh wait you most likely forgot that he existed cuz he got nerfed so much that you cant 1 v1 an adc

  6. I mean Draven is poses a threat late game too also early game and mid game pretty much the whole game

  7. Shaco and Eve late game junglers? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe you lower elo and dunno how to play around stealth. Legit if they don't snowball early (shaco) or mid game (eve), they suck ass. So that isn't a late game champion in my books.


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