October 3, 2020
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Check out My Talking Tom Friends toilet drama official trailer in real life, a new game from My Talking Tom series.

For the first time EVER My Talking Tom and his friends are FINALLY ALL TOGETHER IN ONE GAME! 🤯 They’re all living in one big house of fun! But don’t leave them, especially Kate home alone too long… Things might get *TOO* crazy! 😜

Play action-packed new mini-games. 🎮 Discover cool new props. 🛹 Dress Tom and his friends up in awesome outfits. 🤠 Go swimming. 🏊 Cook together, paint, or even grow food in your garden. 🥳 Play soccer, rock out on the guitar, AND SO MUCH MORE! 🎉

❤️ Play your own way and create your own unique stories of friendship and fun! 🤩

With six friends, one house, and unlimited fun just a click away, the only question is – are you ready?!

We hope you will enjoy this Funny Pretend play video for kids with Kate and My Talking Tom 2 .
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Thanks for watching: 🚽 My Talking Tom Friends Toilet Drama Official Trailer 3 in REAL LIFE 🚽 (NEW GAME)

Talking Tom is also known as: 会说话的汤姆猫, トーキング・トム, 토킹톰, Говорящий Том, Konuşan Tom, توم المتكلم, बातूनी टॉम, 會說話的湯姆貓.



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