★ Poptropica: Poptropolis Games 2013 Full Walkthrough ★


Poptropolis Games 2013 Island Full Walkthrough – The full walkthrough cheats for Poptropica Poptropolis Games 2013 Island from start to finish, including the Bonus Quest. This video shows you all cheats and secrets for how to beat Poptropica Poptropolis Games Island.

Description from Poptropica: Once every 100 years, the ancient capital of Poptropica — Poptropolis — rises from the sea to host a tournament created to prove tribal supremacy. Each of the tribes of Poptropica sends a representative to compete across a series of grueling events for a chance to become the Champion of Poptropica. Do you have what it takes to vanquish the competition and win glory for your tribe?

Bonus Quest: Poptropica Members can play a bonus quest after completing the Poptropolis Games. An ancient warrior has returned to Poptropolis to reclaim the championship for himself. Prepare to battle the toughest competitor in the history of the Poptropolis Games!

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  1. finished every thing except for archery because it crashes every time i try to start it. I've restarted the island and played on a different account to no avail. Any ideas as how to finish it?

  2. I got first place in all but 5 events, but my thing keeps crashing when I try to do archery, that's the only thing I'm missing. Can someone do it for me?

  3. I tried twice won both times screen kept loading so i refreshed it and it said that in order to get the medallion i have to win overall

  4. why the heck is it not letting me get the medal! i did the games and came first overall but then i non stop loads on the overall screen so i have to reset my page and then when i reset my page it tells me that i have to try again!!!! it clearly says on the overall board that im in first so why am i not getting my medallion!!!! why is it making me do it again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz help


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